M+W Zen Building Office

M+W Zen Building Office

SUNY Polytechnic

The  new  corporate  headquarters  for  M+W  group  was  designed  to  be  housed  in CNSE’s  new  ZEN (Zero Energy Nanotech) building.  The facility, designed to  be  the  area’s first Net Zero building, is a stark departure from the office space of the past for the specialty design and construction firm.  The design  of  a  new  30,000  sf  corporate  headquarters  is  intended  to  take  advantage  of  both  daylight and advanced energy usage.

The space, designed to incorporate space for 107 employees meets LEED Gold requirements for the office space.  The staff will be housed in a long daylit open office with 18 private offices in the core, allowing maximum daylight penetration for all employees.  

Along with the work spaces there  are, 7  conference rooms, two  training rooms for 100  and 50  and numerous support spaces.  

This   design   incorporated   the   latest   in   energy   conservation   and   lighting   design. With   the incorporation of daylight harvesting, automated shading and a lighting load of 0.31 w/sf the space is one of the most efficient offices in the Capital District.

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