Krishna P.Singh Center for Nanotechnology

Krishna P.Singh Center for Nanotechnology

The Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology is one of the premier centers for nanotechnology investigation in the Northeast. A combination of award winning architecture and state of the technical architecture to provide the University Campus both a new home for it’s school for Nanotechnology, but also an anchor for the east side of campus.

A LEED® Gold project, this Singh center is a collaboration of bringing esthetics and technical requirements together in a sustainable palette that will provide not only much needed research capacity for the university, but also gathering space for students to enjoy the campus.

Through collaboration with Weiss/Manfredi, of New York, the project was a challenging effort for the entire team. The open nature of the facility, in combination with metal panel, gave the facility both an open feeling as well as allowing us to enclose the non-public areas for public safety.

Interior spaces were designed to provide access to daylight as well as ability for the public to see the latest in nanotechnology research. This blend of public vs. private / clean vs. dirty gave us a stark contrast for public space outside of the very private labs and cleanroom.Obviously, labs are the focus of a facility of this type and the Singh center is no exception.

The cleanroom laboratories support world-class nanoscale research and development. Areas of scientific investigation include silicon microelectronics, compound semiconductors, MEMS, nano-materials, and nano-bioscience. Cleanroom processing areas contain six clean bays, one bio bay, a clean main aisle corridor, chase spaces and a service chase corridor.

The general labs are housed on the upper floors of the building and feature space for preparation for cleanroom activities including activities as well as independent research functions related to the field of Nanoscience/technology and for general support of the University’s other science programs. The laboratory design will be multifunctional anticipating Chemistry, Biology, Nano-Bio engineering interface and Optics.

The facility also features a microscopy lab located at the basement level to address concerns of vibration, electromagnetic interference and acoustics on this urban campus.

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