Fab 8

Fab 8 GlobalFoundries

Malta New York

From the beginning heralded as a regionally changing facility.  Now, years later, I have spent a good part of my time at M+W leading a team designing and/or building over 14 Billion dollars on this site. From  a  forest  and  superfund  site,  to  what  you  see  above,  this  as  been  a  definitive transformation.  While  the  technical side  of the  site is proprietary, the  project list here is extensive, as shown in the image above.  My contribution to this site includes the following:

  • FAB 1 and FAB 1 extension
  • Spine 1
  • Admin 1
  • Admin 1 Cafeteria and Contractor Food Service Tent
  • CUB 1 and CUB Extension, Mechanical CUB
  • HPM Warehouse, HPM Dispense, Sulfuric Offload Building
  • ESB 1 and ESB 2
  • TDC
  • Gas Yard 1 and Gas Yard 2
  • Site Lighting Design
  • Master Planning Services
  • Numerous revisions and renovations

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